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Fruit Crate Mould

Fruit Crate Mould is our main plastic injection mould in the plastic mould town of China, especially for bottle crate mould, fish crate mould, vegetable crate mould, industrial crate mould, milk crate mould, fruit crate mould, bread crate mould and others. we have high experience in solid crate mould and foldable crate mould.

Our Advantage of:
1.Customized mould making according to customer's requirements
2.Experienced group for part&Mould design
3.On-time delivery
4.Advanced Equipment
5.One-year-warranty for each mold

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Fruit Crate Mould

AIC mould is professional in making all kinds of Fruit Crate Mould: plastic bottle crate mould, foldable fish crate bottle mould, industrial crate mould, bread crate mould, fruit crate mould and other turnover box mold. we have done the 2 and 4 cavities crate moulds and 4 cavities stacking mould. It is the first set of 4 cavities crate stacking mould in China. It is suitable for high speed injection, and the speed can approach 42s. We can say, we are the top crate mould manufacturer in the world.

The features for AIC crate mould:
1. Rich experience of design team in plastic crate mould filed: more than ten years of experience in plastic injection mould design. have more than 30 sets related plastic crate moulds each year;
2. Automatic demoulding for all of our fruit crate moulds: We got high praise from our clients abroad because of good shape and good quality mould;
3. Design the most reasonable runner system according to the part's function, by using cold runner, pin-point hot runenr system or valve gate hot runner system;
4. Competitive price mould: According to the mold life requirements and market positioning from clients to make the most competitive price mould;
5. After-sales Services: Provide spare parts free of charge within one year.
provide all-round technical solutions to any problems occurred in customers' mould operation lifelong maintains.

Fruit crate  size 400*300*160mm, moldmax in the moulding area, the injection speed can approach 32 seconds.

 As a crate mould maker, AIC mould company is a custom plastic injection molding company based in the mould town of China with a wide variety of machines, so our custom plastic injection molding plant can handle most job requirements. Our plastics engineers and processors are familiar with many types of injection molding series including but not limited to: during the mould design, we will do a full analysis of the product structure and mould structure, which includes: the draft angle of ejection, the projection of pruduct ,the design of runner system, the design of venting system, the design of cooling system, etc. Plastic crate mould have strict requirements of cooling system, we need to consider the location and efficiency of the cooling system, and at the same time, we also need to consider it’s influence on the mould structure. We also need to decide the size of cooling system. Especially the cooling system aroud the cavity and core, as well as side cores, the design of cooling opponents and the selection of standard cooling parts. Zhilian mould company consider all these questions at the beginning of the fruit crate mould design. Mould apply water circulation to every part of the mould, decrease cooling time. Promote productivity, cut costs.


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