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crate mould

Through more then 20 years development, China injection mould industry had supply large amounts of mould all over the world.According to the statistics of China Die & Mould Industry Association, on Year 2017,China's total import and export of molds is 7.542 billion US dollars.

Crate mould as one of important members of injection mould are getting bigger rapidly and demands, hence, how to make high quality industrial crate moulds are a question professional crate mould manufacturer will be face. High quality plastic crate mould is influenced by different factors; It is primarily affect by good quality and suitable crate mould steel, mould design,  cooling system, and the careful work for final injection mould assembling.

How we make every step of crate mould works perfect:

1. Usually process of plastic crate mould are according the specification of customer. The designer or engineer carefully check the 3D crate product drawing from customer. Crate mould demoulding angel,  undercut place confirmed ok for mould design function. Perfect and nice outlook crate are not always can implement by injection mould. Tiny modification sometimes are necessary. More simple design for various crate mould,more long life and more good for mould quality.

2.Base of high quality crate mould is good steel. Strictly controller the mould base steel ,core and cavity steel. core and cavity steel hardness checked are guarantee the crate mould quality.

3.Plenty and great size of cooling channel helps make parts faster and keep mould stable.

4.Machining for plastic crate mould is high level lesson for all the step. How to arrange every step of machining and how to choose the machine is the key point for make high mould quality and reduce the mould T1 time. AIC mould quality control process will help you to solve this problems.

5. Experienced toolmaker well know assembling.A good crate toolmaker should to final check every details of crate tool,thus the final result will  be good.

Crate mould are widely use in storage, industrial, transport. Mould advantage is keep high tolerance and high production line for customer.Meanwhile make crate manufacturer save cost,improve efficiency.

At AIC mould, you are assured that you will be provide industrial crate mould device and complete service necessary to your business growth.    


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