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China plastic crate mould

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China plastic crate mould

AIC mould is a professional plastic crate mould supplier and manufacture which is experienced on making plastic milk crate mould, plastic fish crate mould, plastic bread crate mould,plastic foldable crate mould, plastic covered crate mould,ect. We supply plastic crate mould design,manufacturing and produce, crate mould maintain service to international customers. 

How to make high quality and good crate mould? 

Lets clearly for the quality points for plastic crate mould first:

A good plastic crate mould should have long mould life, smooth action for running, short cycle time and easy assembling of mould.

How to reach the quality points of plastic crate moulds, mould technical will helps us to achieve all of them. 

To make long mould life for plastic crate mould, basically choose suitable crate mould steel. Multi-cavities crate moulds are little different with single cavity plastic crate molds. 1.1730 steel for the mould base of single cavity crate molds is enough to running a long life of mould. But for Multi -cavities of crate mould, the mould base must be stronger then single cavity crate mould. Hardness over 35 HRC steel will be better. Main steel is crate mould core and cavity, this two parts decides the mould quality and mould life. Amount of single cavity plastic crate mould are suggest to use P20 steel, 2 cavity or 4 cavity crate mould use 718H steel is a good choice. 

Check the steel hardness and make flaw detection could guarantee the mould quality and life at the beginning. Some moving parts make hardness treatment will extend the mould life.

If choose mould steel is the base of the mould, then the reasonable plastic crate mould design is the mainly parts for the plastic crate mould. In principle,whatever how the products complex, the crate mould construction program should choose the most simple one. More simple construction of crate mould, more longer mould life.

Great guiding system let plastic crate mould running smooth.In AIC mould,we choose B-cooper guide sleeve plus graphite. This material even didn't with oil, it will be smooth. 

Shortly cycle time for plastic crate mould will helps customer increase the production efficient. Shortly cycle time link to the mould cooling design and mould production step.As we mentioned before, the crate mould design more simple, mould life will be more longer. Also the mould more simple, the production step more less, the manufacturing cycle time more less. Plenty and size bigger as possible of cooling channel will help mould to reduce the cycle time. For the handle place of crate, usually will add lots of ribs for making parts stronger for people moving. The handle place need helping with B-copper to make cooling down faster.

AIC mould have great design team ,well communicate and experienced crate tool maker,  best service team. We had export more then 30 sets of plastic crate mould all over the worlds.We are here to supply you best plastic crate mould solution.



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